mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

The Absolute First Samir Noferi's Album found, you can listen a Noferi still immature, but already here you can find the roots of his research leading, leads and will lead to L'Eponge.

"Biunni & Brunelli a Palermo Runne'gghié" was born by chance, initially intended to be a photograph that could act as cover to a fictional album Jazz, then fell to the limbo of unrealized ideas, until a little bit contrived by life events I was forced to temporarily put aside other projects and try a different expression, for what in my life I have had to face in spite of myself for the hundredth time. And in this context "Biunni & Brunelli in Palermo Runne'gghié" has returned in a new form in this musical experiment without any pretense. N.B. Biunni & Brunelli a Palermo Runne'gghié "translated" dialect literally means "blonds and brunettes(male) anywhere in Palermo", where "Biunni" means someone fell from the clouds, which does not notice or if you would like a naive, and "brunelli" an uneducated, a little good, but also an asshole ...

L'Oeil Des Garguilles


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