mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

The Four Matriarchs of the seminomadic tribes in which Tögřam grew, the four matriarchs were leading each one of the four groups that form the tribe, before joining

Hazz Nhott, oldest matriarch of the semi-nomadic tribes, gatherers’s clan former leader, making the functions of medicine woman in the new bigger tribe

because they are semi-nomadic usual exchange part of what has been hunted with other tribes, frequent exchanges are made with other food, these big shells of snails reared are all that remains of some previous meal of the matriarchs

 Qhooyà Nnhà, she says the last word on many of the issues of the tribe, for some she is the most powerful of the matriarchs, because leads the group of warriors

 even with different customs and lifestyles, the four small tribes before joining shared many things, among them the respect and the cult of the memory of their ancestors, and the matriarchs, from their leading position, remember to anyone invited in their tent the strong bond with ancestral relatives

 Saahb Ynn, , her group is the one of the hunters, even before the four tribes were united, each area in which they moved seemed not to hide secrets to their unmatched skills

 sometimes the tribe performs exchanges with the populations that occupy a permanent territory, which presents particular resources, in these cases the matriarchs wish to acquire particular objects of everyday use, as this earthenware jar for the water embellished with decorations

 Rasheed-Ha, leader of the guardians, this tribe used to exchange performances of various kinds with stable populations from season to season, but have never been able to get used to a sedentary lifestyle, in the new tribes have taken the task of guardians because they knew more people and more knowledge in the field of defense and in maintaining then the other groups.
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