lunedì 15 giugno 2015

this track concludes the second Tetralogy of Ecumenopolimanteia in Samir Noferi's first "sonorités vide" album with the soundtracks of his performances

( these are links to other videos of Tetralogy: the first one in order to listeningthe second onethe third, the same you can find aboveand the last one; this is the first Teratology we can find in the album " Biunni e Brunelli a Palermo runne'gghié ": the first Ecumenopolimanteia trackthe second onethe video and the music of the third one and the video, and the last one which concludes the first tetralogy, of course the two tetralogy are many different, but what they say is tha same thought developed in different environments and goals )

and this is to remember what Ecumenopolimanteia is

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